Jazzy T



Perfect balance between two worlds! From electric Tele sounds with lots of bite and twang to warmer jazzier electro-acoustic tones with woodier attack and more depth. It’s like two guitars in one but without scarifying any of the Tele tones. Woodier, drier tones with the addition of more compressed electric Tele tones make the guitar sing with a pleasant musical tone.


It is all that a Tele-syle electric guitar is all about, but you can play it also with the feel of an archtop swinging guitar. The result is rounder, fatter and bigger sounding Tele with plenty of headroom and endless sustain. Fat twang!


Jazzy T is a full hollow body guitar. The top is made out of a premium grade EU spruce or root walnut with X bracing and floating block construction. That allows the top to fully resonate because is not connected to the back. Strings are mounted directly through the block from the back plate opening.


With all that and a special neck construction we get the acoustics, unbelievable sustain, and a great balance.


The pickups are custom made by Kent Armstrong especially for this guitar and they produce a deep jazzy sound with the Tele twang!


Jazzy T model is light, playable and comfortable for traveling.


Guitar is handmade from the finest European wood, naturally dried for over 30 years.


TOP: The selected EU spruce or root walnut


BODY: Figured maple or mahogany


NECK: Figured maple or mahogany




NUT width: 43mm


21st FRET width: 57mm


SCALE: 650 mm / 25.6 inches


ELECTRONICS: Kent Armstrong custom, V+T pots, 5way switch






FINISH: Vintage nitro (high gloss or satin)


SIZE: approx Length 100 cm x Width 33 cm x Thickness 7,5 cm


WEIGHT: approx 3,1 kg