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Zaletelj guitars are hand-made by the luthier Luka Zaletelj. They are made from the highest quality materials using our rich knowledge of traditional production techniques coupled with a hint of modern design.


”For us, a guitar is never just an instrument. We make musical instruments with an ear for the individual in order for it to become part of the guitarist’s own character. ”


  1. Our story

    A tradition of perfection that started more than three decades ago.

    This is our story…

  2. 1973

    Ignac Zaletelj is employed at the factory of musical instruments Melodija Mengeš, where he obtains knowledge in the field of guitar and other string instruments production. As the head of the plucked string instrument development department, he cooperates in numerous technical improvements of plucked string instruments, therefore, contributing to the recognition of the brand Melodija Mengeš in European market.

  3. 1984

    Ignac Zaletelj begins designing and producing his own unique string instruments. He pays special attention to the innovative techniques of instrument production and develops the recognisable sound of ZN guitars through modifications in construction techniques. 

  4. 1991

    The first individual exhibition of custom
    stringed instruments of the ZN brand.

  5. 1997

    The Ministry of Culture for the Republic of Slovenia awards Ignac Zaletelj the status of ”Artist”.

  6. 2005

    Instruments that over three decades have become renowned in the field of music, not only in Slovenia but also across the world, spread the reputation of the town of Mengeš with its long-standing musical tradition far beyond its national borders. In that year, the brand is awarded a silver certificate by the municipality of Mengeš.

  7. 2006

    Ignac Zaletelj completes his work in the field of custom stringed instruments and hands the ZN brand to his son Luka Zaletelj who has spent his free time in his father’s studio from an early age, and acquired master expertise in the field of instrument production. 

  8. 2007

    Luka Zaletelj continues his father’s tradition, perfects the visual image and technical characteristics of stringed instruments and changes the brand name from ZN guitars to Zaletelj guitars.

  9. 2014

    The Ministry of Culture for the Republic of Slovenia awards Luka Zaletelj the status of ”Artist – Designer of Musical Instruments”.

  10. 2017

    The brand of Zaletelj guitars specialises in the field of archtop guitar design.


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