Originally from the small West African nation of Benin, guitarist Lionel Loueke has enjoyed a meteoric rise over the past ten years.


Starting out on vocals and percussion, Lionel Loueke picked up the guitar late, at age 17. After his initial to exposure to jazz in Benin, he left to attend the National Institute of Art in nearby Ivory Coast. In 1994 he left Africa to pursue jazz studies at the American School of Modern Music in Paris, then went to the U.S. on a scholarship to Berklee College of Music. From there, Loueke gained acceptance to the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz, where he encountered his Gilfema bandmates Biolcati, Nemeth, Parlato and other musicians with whom he would form lasting creative relationships …


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“ My Zaletelj Guitar is not only a Piece of Art to contemplate but a mind bending instrument with all the details covered at the highest level. It sounds fantastic and feels so comfortable to the point I can forget about it and put my focus on the music. Simply the way it should be. “


As a young musician in Tel Aviv, Yotam Silberstein was quickly recognized as a prodigy and was invited to perform with many of the nation’s top musicians. At 21, he performed at Italy’s renowned Umbria Jazz Festival, released a critically acclaimed debut album and set out on an extensive tour of Europe.


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“This guitar is a game changer for any professional traveling musician who’s looking for a compact but yet highest grade instrument. This guitar sounds much bigger than it actually is. It’s got Full and rich tone with a lot of possibilities.”


John Stowell began his successful career in the early 1970’s with private study with guitarist Linc Chamberland and pianist John Mehegan. Both men were valuable mentors to John, allowing him to play with them as he progressed in his development. Several years later he met bassist David Friesen in New York City, and they formed a duo that recorded and toured prolifically for seven years, with performances in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia.


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“ I’m very happy to have two new guitars made for me by luthier Luka Zaletelj. Luka is a meticulous craftsman, and he’s building instruments that look and sound beautiful. I highly recommend Luka’s guitars, and I’m happy to see that his reputation is growing. I look forward to following his career and playing his guitars for many years.”


Rotem Sivan’s guitar skills are heralded across the globe. The New York Times has praised him as “more than a very good young guitar player.” Downbeat Magazine has called him “a remarkable talent.” And universally beloved music platform, Treble FM, has described him as a “bonafide guitar god with rugged Israeli sex appeal and skills that make us swoon.”


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“Zaletelj Guitars makes the best instruments out there. The sound, the feel, the touch, it’s really beyond. These guitars will make you play music you never dreamed of. Now that’s just wild. “

Nelson VERAS

“Nelson isn’t a guitar player like the others because his approach is not guitaristic but one that reveals a peerless musician. One that never plays what’s obvious but only pleasant surprises with a mind blowing technique …


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” One of the best guitars I ever played, perfect fabrication, amazing sound. ”