About Us

Made for you

characteristic of our string instruments is that they are adapted to suit the wishes and needs of an individual musician. Before we create an instrument for you, it is important for us to get to know you, your way of playing, your wishes and requirements as this is the only way to create a product that will become part of your personality. In this way you become a part of the large Zaletelj guitar family where we offer you help and support so that playing one of our instruments will lead to being the ultimate pleasure for you.

Luka was born with a love for music. Beginning at a very early age, he spent time in his luthier Father’s studio and began to develop his skills with the help of his Father’s guidance and expertise.

In 2007, Luka established his own line of Zalatelj Guitars, and his handcrafted instruments are now played and admired in many countries. Luka is constantly refining his design features and adding new models to his instrument catalogue.


Luka’s wife Maja joined him in 2017 to handle the marketing, logistics, social media and brand design for the Company. With Maja’s assistance, Luka can now focus all of his energy on guitar design and refinements and instrument construction.